The Japanese semiconductor leader draws inspiration by coining the words ABLE meaning possible, and IC for integrated circuit, with a forward-thinking approach to enable newer possibilities. It’s wide-ranging and exclusive products include Lithium-Ion battery protection IC, Quartz crystal, LDO voltage regulators, RTC, and Hall Sensor IC among others that are manufactured with exceptional assurance to quality, enhanced reliability, and comprehensive technical support that has helped pierce established and new markets worldwide.

The logo delivers a strong message with an upward arrow representing growth, and a diamond shape representing integrated circuits, that combine to express the long-term vision to help expand the semiconductor domain in the world.

SMET has collaborated with this Japanese innovation in semiconductors, and has been an able partner and distributor of revolutionary products since 2010. We target Indian customers across industries like automotive, energy & gas, water, and key industrial market players. SMET brings a strong technical expertise to cover leading players in the Indian Subcontinent, and aims to deliver value via product promotions.