Sunonwealth introduced the SUNON brand to the market in 1980, marking the inception of a renowned legacy in the realm of fan and motor manufacturing. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and quality, SUNON has risen to prominence as one of the foremost providers of AC and DC fans, motors, cooling modules, ventilation systems, and HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) ceiling fans. Boasting a size range spanning from 0.8cm to an impressive 7.3m, SUNON's product lineup encompasses a diverse array of thermal solutions tailored to meet the varied needs of industries worldwide.

A testament to its pioneering spirit, SUNON achieved a groundbreaking milestone by developing the world's first MagLev (Magnetic Levitation) motor fan, a revolutionary product distinguished by its compact dimensions and unparalleled efficiency. SUNON is a trailblazer in thermal management technology, positioning itself as the premier choice for clients spanning sectors like IT, automotive electronics, optical electronics, and network communication applications.

From thermal fans and cooling modules to liquid cooling systems, SUNON's offerings embody a commitment to excellence, empowering clients to tackle thermal challenges with confidence. Moreover, SUNON's dominance extends into the notebook field, commanding significant market share in the realm of high-end gaming notebooks and PCs. In our role as a reliable ally, SMET brings forth these revolutionary offerings, empowering foremost entities throughout India and Asia with unparalleled proficiency.