A quintessential Japanese manufacturer of extensive products in aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Nichicon makes products like screw terminal, Snap-in, leaded aluminum capacitors, Polymer capacitors, and also lithium-ion batteries. Founded in 1950, the company distributes these high-tech products to industries from IoT, Industrial, Automotive, Power supply, Air conditioner, Washing Machine, Medical equipment and RTC based smart meters domain. The ability to customize as per the customers’ requirements and specifications is the added advantage of Nichicon.

The company finds a lucrative space in the Indian Subcontinent through its partnership with SMET that serves many customers in various segments. We cover every aspect of design and technology to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions through an extensive sales network across India.

Nichicon is a renowned name in developing, manufacturing, and selling capacitors and circuit products required for numerous electric and electronic products. We constantly strive to provide first-rate performance and service to our customers that include quality, cost, delivery, services, and technology. The core products like Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, and Circuit products successfully aim to expand their growth in leading market segments, including:

  •    Energy, Ecology & Medical equipment    

  •    Automotive & Railway-car related appliances   

  •    Home appliances & Industrial inverters

  •    Information & Communications equipment

The Japanese electronics giant introduced the unique Nichicon Energy Control System Technology project in 2010 to expand its customer base and enhance its business by developing and selling unique products. These high-tech products include household energy storage systems, vehicle to home (V2H) systems, EV quick chargers, and public and industrial power storage systems.