The celebrated Japanese electronics brand is famous for its extensive range of products ranging from Sensors, Electro Mechanical products- Relays, Switches, Contactors, resistors, capacitors, varistors, potentiometers, and many others. In fact, a significant chunk of products sold by Fortune 500 companies is infused with Panasonic technology. The brand has a strong foothold in India by joining hands with SMET that caters to the automotive, power, industrial, medical, and consumer market through strong technical expertise, extensive coverage, and competent promotional activities across all the products.

SMET has been successful in bringing Panasonic’s highly esteemed brand image, quality assurance, unmatched reliability, and exceptional technical support to cover maximum market share in India.

Panasonic technology is so deeply embedded into numerous electronic products that makes it close to impossible not to be a significant part of our daily lives. Your refrigerator, your mobile device, and your favorite electronic products rely on Panasonic components in some way or the other. Ranging from the smallest chip to gigantic HD displays, Panasonic is a global electronics powerhouse. It’s the power of Panasonic devices that brings strategic innovations to consumers’ products via contemporary development process.

Providing technology and engineering resources to enable manufacturers to build comprehensive, world-class solutions forms the core of Panasonic’s strength and its business plan.