Sensata Technologies

Sensata Technologies stands as a global leader in industrial technology, dedicated to fostering a cleaner, more efficient, electrified, and connected world. With a diverse portfolio encompassing sensors, electrical protection components, and sensor-rich solutions, Sensata empowers customers to navigate increasingly complex engineering and operational challenges. These solutions exceed performance requirements, driving innovation and progress across various industries.

At the core of Sensata's offerings are sensors, the foundational elements essential for realizing a cleaner, more efficient, electrified, and connected future. These sensors play a pivotal role in gathering crucial data and insights, enabling informed decision-making and driving transformative change. Furthermore, Sensata's Contactors and Fuses, including products from Gigavac, provide mission-critical high voltage components tailored for electric vehicles and equipment across diverse sectors, ensuring reliability and performance in demanding environments.

Discover a comprehensive range of contactors tailored to different applications and requirements. From epoxy-sealed contactors delivering high performance and cost-effectiveness to ceramic-sealed contactors suited for heavy-duty and military applications, Sensata caters to a wide spectrum of needs. Additionally, hermetic-sealed contactors are available for high current/voltage applications, while minitactors are ideal for low current applications. At the forefront of distribution, SMET drives the outreach of Sensata products across Asia, guaranteeing the seamless transmission of advanced technology.