The leading integrated device manufacturer in the Non-Volatile Memory domain offers an extensive range of NOR Flash, NAND Flash, and ROM products. The company derives its business capabilities following a world-class R&D and manufacturing ability, and constantly delivers impeccable, innovative, and exceptional performance-driven products to its customers. The company offers products to customers across domains including consumer, communication, computing, industrial, automotive, networking, and other segments.

Macronix, established in Taiwan in 1989, has found a dedicated partner in SMET to expand its business in the Indian Subcontinent. SMET offers the technological giant’s top-notch products and services to Indian customers following strategic alliances with first-tier global companies. The semiconductor manufacturer emphasizes comprehensive research and development and offers its customers quality products and service beyond their expectations.

The company is among the few suppliers of a wide range of Serial NOR Flash products in the world. They have the expertise and the capability to provide Flash products with exceptionally small packages for space-constrained applications to meet global trends. The 19-nanometer NAND Flash eMMC and eMCP are the latest additions to the advanced line of NVM products that serve embedded applications demanding higher quality and more reliability. Going further, the company also offers the Known Good Die (KGD) program for System in Package (SIP) solutions. The future looks great for Macronix and for SMET where advanced technologies focus on NVM products that set a new benchmark in the technological, quality, and service aspects to attain an unprecedented industry position and enhance global competitiveness.