SG Micro

The fabless semiconductor company has a complete range of analog semiconductor products and specializes in high quality, high-performance analog IC design, marketing and sales expertise to offer innovative solutions across several applications in wireless communication, consumer, medical, automotive, and industrial markets. The company manufactures products including OPAMPS, High-resolution ADC, VRef, DAC, and Voltage regulators. These products are broadly used in applications like setup box, energy meters, automotive infotainment, instrumentation, and power supplies.

Superior quality and reliability are the driving forces behind the company’s successful establishment in the semiconductor domain. Years of investment in R&D and advanced technologies have enabled SG Micro manufacture over 1,500 analog IC products with excellent reliability and consistency. The noteworthy line of products includes precision signal conditioning products such as amplifiers, buffers, comparators, switches, and interface products, as well as energy-efficient power management ICs.

High-precision and Low-noise Operational Amplifier, Ultra-Low power comparator, Low-power/Low-noise LDO, Analog Switch, Microprocessor supervisory circuits, Video buffers, white LED driver, High-efficiency DC/DC converters, and Li-Ion battery chargers are the main products of the company distributed in India by SMET. We’re committed to improving the environment in the most comprehensive way possible via advancements in technology and technical innovations.