If you’re looking for advanced electronic materials, groundbreaking electronic components, and revolutionary, multi-functional, high-density electronic modules, Murata is the preferred brand doing business on a global scale. SMET proudly represents the company in India and supplies its products like WIFI, BLE, WIFI+ BLE combo modules, Capacitors, inductors, High voltage resistors, buzzers, RFIDs, filters, switches, and DC-DC converters across a huge customer network, established since years.

SMET also enjoys a huge coverage of IoT, industrial, and consumer customers in India, and sets the platform for Murata to make its presence felt in the potential Indian market. The company enjoys a strong sales network across the country with a highly skilled technical team making ends meet with precision. Their products are found in several applications and devices, including mobile phones, home appliances, automotive applications, healthcare devices, and energy management systems.