Union Semi

Established in 2001, Union Semiconductor emerges as a notable player in the realm of integrated circuit design. As a fabless company, Union Semiconductor specializes in the conception, design, and promotion of high-performance linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) tailored for diverse electronic applications. Their product line serves as a vital link between the analog and digital domains, facilitating functions such as detection, measurement, amplification, power supply conversion, and electronic circuit protection.

Union Semiconductor's innovative offerings span a wide spectrum, encompassing essential components like RS485, RS422, and RS232 interfaces, alongside versatile solutions such as level shifters, bus transceivers, LVDS transceivers, and interfaces like I²C and SPI. Moreover, their portfolio extends to include CAN bus transceivers, linear regulators, switching regulators, and a suite of power management ICs, including μP supervisory systems and protections like overcurrent protection (OCP) and overvoltage protection (OVP).

Union Semiconductor positions itself as a trusted partner for electronics manufacturers worldwide. With a focus on inventiveness, Union Semiconductor continues to push the boundaries of integrated circuit design, empowering electronic equipment with enhanced functionality, efficiency, and robustness. With precision and finesse, SMET introduces the renowned Union Semiconductor brand, guarantees top-notch quality, and delivers unparalleled technical support, all aimed at empowering the Asian and Indian markets.