CT Micro

Implementing stringent design concepts with cutting-edge technology, CT micro takes the global power supply segment to unprecedented levels. The company incorporates a team of extensively skilled and technically sound professionals to manufacture high-tech products like optocoupler, Transistors, Infrared detectors, and Infrared emitter.

SMET is the esteemed partner to distribute these revolutionary products to power supply customers and metering customers in India. This partnership started in 2015, is fast becoming the most sought-after company to address dynamics requirements with high potential in the Indian markets. The products have the best pricing range that leaves little room for competition. Exceptional quality control and top-notch design capabilities throughout the manufacturing and delivery process are the standout features of CT micro, and SMET reflects the same in their business ethics.

CT micro also designs and supplies Optoelectronics and Discrete MOSFET products with the top management carrying over 15 years of product knowledge and comprehensive research capabilities. The company offers its products to industries manufacturing consumer electronics, and industrial & home appliances.