Lighting Control Unit


LCU Demonstrated Here Is Built Around Renesas RL78-F13 Microcontroller, Dual Channel UPD for Flasher, Linear DRL and Buck Boost Driver For Head Lamp And Tail Lamp. With The Help Of Diagnostic Feature We Can Compliance The ASIL Standard. RL78-F13 for Class B LCU RH850-F1L for Class D to Meet Fu-Sa Requirement. It is used in Automotive Applications.  


  • Scalable Driver Power Stage. Buck And Buck -boost 
  • Diagnostic Feature Available For Fault Detections
  • Buck And Buck-boost For Head Lamp And Tail Lamp Driver
  • LED Configuration 2LED – 15LED. • Short Circuit Projection LED Anode to Body GND
  • High Side IPD is Used For Falser So We Can Program The Flasher Time
  • Doubling Can Be Done Easily With IPD I Sense
  • It Will Save The Cost / No Of LOAD Dump IC Used In Vehicle And Wire Harness
  • Easy Interface To VCU Via CAN

Block Diagram