Single Phase Smart Meter


A Smart Meter Is A Digital Device That Measures And Records Energy Consumption And Communicate With Real-time Data To Back-end Server And Pre-payment Auto Connect or disconnect. Smart Meters Play A Critical Role In The Smart Grid, By Enabling Utilities To Better Manage Their Networks, And Empowering Consumers To Take Control Of Their Energy Usage. Smart Meters Are Important Tools For Creating A More Efficient, Sustainable, And Resilient Energy System.


  • Standard : IS16444, IS15959(1),IS15959(2) 
  • Accuracy : Class 1 
  • Rated Voltage : 240V 
  • Rated Current : 60A (max) 
  • Load Contractor : Latching Relay 
  • Communication Protocol: DLMS COSEM 
  • Communication Port : GSM/RF  


  • Energy Management 
  • Renewable Energy Integration 
  • Fault Detection And Diagnostics 
  • Billing Accuracy  

Block Diagram